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Why accredit your volunteering?

International volunteering offer many benefits - not only a chance develop professional skills and grow as a person, but help enable the local communities you support to build a brighter tomorrow.

And whilst the help you provide is real and feels good in the moment, it's important to make the sure this experience has lasting value for you. It deserves a more formal recognition.

That's where accreditation helps. By taking a qualification built around your volunteering experience, you'll gain internally-recognised academic credit, something to show universities, future employers and others, exactly what you accomplished.

What kind of academic credit could I gain?

Our flagship Diploma is worth 16 UCAS points or 41 credits in the UK university system. If you're going to university but taking a year to travel and volunteer first, those extra UCAS points could make the difference between a good offer and a great one.​ 

And if you're planning on studying in the EU or USA, the good news is these credits are also recognised there too.

How do I study whilst volunteering?

The Diploma can be completed at your own pace and its five modules are designed to be taken before, during and after your travel. It can be completed in as little as two months, but many students take up to a year.

Learning is research, task and assignment-based, with teacher support online when you want it. Whilst abroad, all you really need is access to an internet connection to get support and upload your work.

How were these qualifications created?

The CGCS team bring decades of industry-leading experience in youth travel, online learning and delivering major volunteering programmes. Our exclusive Level 3 Diploma is accredited through the National Open College Network - one of the best and most recognised in the UK. 

About the CGCS Diploma in International Volunteering

Robbie White

Medical Volunteer, Nepal - Dec 2021

"The Diploma in International Volunteering has helped me to understand why I am doing what I am doing. I needed these extra UCAS points but didn't realise the value that the course would add to my experience."

Riley Jones
Journalism and Marketing Intern
Vietnam - Nov 2021

"The Diploma course has helped prep me for University next year whilst on my gap year. Having this experience in Vietnam will really kick start my BA Journalism. I have already made some great contacts and didn't start UNI yet!"

Dr Nastja Pusic,
Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, IU International University of Applied Sciences

"The innovative concept and content of the CGCS course will bring together generations across the globe. It will enable students to study whilst on the ground, with hands-on volunteering experience.

"The fact that it holds UK accreditation and is credit-bearing makes it even more attractive and desirable. In the past years, we have already seen disruption of the traditional classroom model, and CGCS are doing their bit to further shake up the study experience."

Finalist in the Notable Innovation category at this 2022 Global Youth Travel Awards