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An International experience offers many benefits. When you volunteer or intern abroad, you can enable local communities to build a brighter tomorrow. And you can develop professional skills and grow as a person.

While the experience alone makes international service worth doing, it’s always nice to have something tangible to take home. The CGCS builds academic programmes alongside such experiences that can allow you to say,
“Here’s what I accomplished while volunteering abroad!”

After all, your contributions deserve recognition. Not only will that recognition serve as a reminder of your time abroad, but it can also impress potential employers or schools.

Created and operated by industry professionals with more than three decades of combined experience, the programmes CGCS deliver cover everything from choosing the right volunteer abroad program to health and safety while volunteering abroad.

Volunteering abroad not only helps those in need, but it is an excellent way to build your skills, expand your network, show people your ambition, and motivate yourself to do great things.

Gaining an academic qualification alongside your international experiences helps solidify accomplishments and makes it something you carry with you for a lifetime.

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