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Faculty-Led Programming

Empower Your Academic Journey with Global Impact

At the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies (CGCS), we specialize in transforming educational experiences by integrating real-world impact with academic learning. Our Faculty-Led Programming initiative offers universities and colleges an unparalleled opportunity to enrich their curriculum with our award-winning, accredited programs, designed to cultivate global citizens and leaders.

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Why Partner with CGCS?

Accredited Academic Excellence: Our programs, accredited and recognized for 10 US Credits, provide a rigorous academic framework combined with practical, real-world applications. Each is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing curriculum, offering flexibility through asynchronous and modular content that can be tailored to meet your specific educational objectives.

Customized Learning Experiences: CGCS understands the unique needs of faculty-led programs. Our offerings are designed to be adaptable, supporting either faculty-led instruction or self-directed student learning. This adaptability ensures that our programs can enhance your academic goals while providing meaningful and impactful projects that resonate with students.

Comprehensive Support: From program customization to logistical support, CGCS partners with institutions to ensure a smooth, enriching experience for both faculty and students. We handle the details, allowing you to focus on the transformative academic and cultural immersion that our programs provide.

Our Programs

Global Citizenship Diploma: Delve into complex global issues through a multidisciplinary lens, fostering critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and active global citizenship. Perfect for humanities, social sciences, and political science departments.

Wildlife Conservation Diploma: Engage in hands-on conservation projects that contribute to the preservation of endangered species and ecosystems. Ideal for biology, environmental science, and zoology courses.

Marine Conservation Diploma: Dive into marine ecosystem protection efforts, combining fieldwork with academic study to address pressing oceanic conservation challenges. Suitable for marine biology, environmental science, and ecology faculties.

How It Works

  1. Consultation: Our team works closely with your faculty to understand your program goals, academic requirements, and desired outcomes.

  2. Customization: We tailor our programs to align with your curriculum, adjusting content and delivery modes to fit your schedule and teaching preferences.

  3. Implementation: Facilitate your program with our comprehensive support, from pre-departure preparations to post-program reflections, ensuring a rewarding experience for all participants.

  4. Impact: Witness the transformation in your students as they apply their academic knowledge to real-world challenges, fostering a sense of global responsibility and personal growth.

Get Started

Ready to elevate your faculty-led study abroad programs? Contact us at to begin crafting your custom program today. Together, we can shape the next generation of global citizens and leaders.

Embrace Global Learning. Make a World of Difference.

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