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We’re proud our clients have great experiences using our services. We enjoy working with them to plan each experience and it is a special bonus when we receive positive feedback.

I joined the Social Work Internship + Diploma in International Volunteering in Ghana for two weeks, and it was a life-altering experience. From day one, I was thrown into the deep end, working alongside qualified social workers in a shelter for abused children, a correctional centre, and local schools. The experience was as real as it gets. Each day, I witnessed firsthand the realities of life in a developing country, the challenges people face, and their resilience. I felt a profound respect for the local staff and their dedication to making a difference. My role was to assist them in providing the children with the support they needed. Despite the hardships, the children's spirit and determination to learn were inspiring. In my free time, I got to explore Ghana, its vibrant markets, and delicious local food. The memories of this internship will always hold a special place in my heart. The academic credit was a plus, but the human experience was beyond compare. It has given me a new perspective on social work and a drive to continue making a difference

Isabella, Australia, February 2022

When I signed up for the Social Work Internship + Diploma in International Volunteering in Ghana, I thought I was prepared. I had completed my undergraduate degree in social work and had several years of experience working in shelters back home. But nothing could have prepared me for the challenges I would face in Ghana. From the moment I stepped into the correctional center, I knew I was in a different world.

My first week was fraught with difficulties. The language barrier was the most immediate issue. While English is widely spoken in Ghana, the local dialects were hard for me to understand, and my attempts at communication often led to misunderstandings. I also struggled with cultural differences. The way children are treated and disciplined in Ghana was very different from what I was used to back home. It was disconcerting and often left me questioning my abilities as a social worker.

But the team and especially Jared at CGCS was there for me every step of the way. They helped me learn about the cultural iceberg and culture shock and held regular check-ins. They also encouraged me to keep an open mind and learn from the local professionals, who had years of experience dealing with the issues I was facing.

Slowly, I began to understand the realities of social work in Ghana. I learned to adapt my methods to the cultural context, to communicate effectively despite the language barrier, and most importantly, to listen to the people I was there to help. The children I worked with taught me so much about resilience and the power of hope.

The course material from CGCS was invaluable during this time. It provided me with a deeper understanding of international social work, the challenges faced by developing countries, and the role of culture in social work practice. It pushed me to reflect on my experiences and challenged me to develop innovative solutions to the problems I encountered.

By the end of my internship, I was a different person. I had not only grown as a social worker, but also as an individual. I learned to adapt, to persevere, and to stay humble. The experience taught me that being a social worker is not just about helping others, but also about learning from them. I am immensely grateful to CGCS for this life-changing experience.

Fran, USA, January 2023

My journey with the CGCS began with the Marine Conservation Diploma program in the Galapagos Islands. As an environmental science major, I had always been passionate about marine life and conservation. But it was during my time in the Galapagos that I truly understood the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead for us.

During the initial days of the program, we faced several issues. Our first project involved the protection of giant tortoises, and it was a daunting task. The tortoises were losing their natural habitats due to human activity and invasive species. It was heartbreaking to see these majestic creatures in such a plight. I felt overwhelmed and disheartened, wondering if our efforts would make any difference at all.

Moreover, the physical work was strenuous, and the living conditions were basic. I struggled with the heat, the bugs, and the lack of modern comforts. There were times when I questioned my decision to join the program.

However, the guidance and support provided by the CGCS staff helped me overcome these challenges. They reminded me of the importance of our work and the impact we could have on the tortoise population. They provided training on how to handle the tortoises and how to work effectively in challenging conditions.

The academic component of the program also helped me understand the broader context of our work. I learned about the impact of climate change on marine life, the importance of biodiversity, and the need for sustainable practices. I was also able to connect with marine conservationists from around the world, who shared their experiences

Angus, UK, December 2022

The innovative concept and content of the CGCS course will bring together generations across the globe. It will enable students to study whilst on the ground, with hands-on volunteering experience.

The fact that it holds UK accreditation and is credit-bearing makes it even more attractive and desirable. In the past years, we have already seen disruption of the traditional classroom model, and CGCS is doing its bit to further shake up the study experience. We are very excited to further partner with the CGCS to build out their Global MBA and Global University concept!

Dr Nastja Pusic,

Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships  

IU International University of Applied Sciences

"I spent four weeks in Vietnam on the Business Internship + Diploma in International Volunteering program, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I was initially nervous, but the team at CGCS made me feel at ease from day one. I got to work with a local NGO that provides vocational training to disadvantaged youth, helping them grow their businesses. It wasn't just about the theory we were taught during our diploma classes, but it was about how to apply it in the real world. We worked on their marketing, fundraising, and communication. The hands-on experience was so enriching that it changed my perspective on how businesses can impact communities positively. But that was not all, I also had the chance to explore Vietnam, its culture, and people. The food was fantastic, and so were the friendships I made during my time there. Now, looking back, I can confidently say that the academic credit I earned was only a fraction of the benefit I received. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and I can't wait to leverage this experience in my career."

Eleanor, USA, January 2022

"I enrolled for the International Development Internship + Diploma in International Volunteering in Mexico and it was a transformative experience. Initially, I deferred twice due to health concerns, and both Projects Abroad and The Global Citizenship Center made it work for me. I was fortunate to work with both local and international NGOs to address problems facing local communities in Guadalajara. We dealt with a range of issues from women’s rights to immigration. The hands-on work was intense, we were involved in everything from fundraising for the NGOs, to fieldwork in the communities themselves. It was challenging, but it was also one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. Aside from the work, I had the opportunity to learn Spanish(Mexican) and explore the local culture. The people were warm and welcoming, and I made friends that I am still in touch with. The academic credit and UCAS points were why I chose it in the first place as I look for a place at Uni Sussex, but the personal growth and the real-world experience were the real rewards for me. This program was an incredible blend of learning, volunteering, and cultural immersion. I would highly recommend it to any student looking for a unique, rewarding experience. It has broadened my perspective and I'm eager to carry these lessons forward in my future endeavors. Finally Jared you are a brilliant teacher! thanks for putting up with me!!!!"

Sam Arrow, UK, March 2022

Michael, Canada, July 2023

The business internship in Vietnam provided me with invaluable work experience. However, I wish there had been a bit more structure to the actual program and role, however I suppose thats the nature of Vietnam!.

Lucia, US, August 2023

The human rights internship in Argentina was eye-opening. I learned so much about justice and dignity for all, and I'll carry these lessons with me forever

David, Canada, September 2023

Working at the Voice of Vietnam Radio was a dream come true. I got hands-on journalism experience and made connections that will last a lifetime

​John, USA, July 2023

I had a transformative experience volunteering in Mexico. The work was challenging but rewarding, and the experience gave me a new perspective on the world

Aisha, UK, August 2023

I loved my time in Ghana. Working with the social workers was incredibly inspiring, and I feel like I've made a real difference

Emily R. , Australia, June 2023

My teaching experience in Nepal was unlike anything I've ever done before. It was difficult at times, but the kids were amazing, and I'd do it all over again

Amira, Egypt, October 2023

My engineering internship in Sri Lanka was full of real-world, practical experiences. I learned so much and can't wait to apply these lessons in my future career

Sophie, France, July 2023

The Galapagos Islands program was truly the ultimate international volunteer program. From community development to wildlife conservation, every day was an adventure

Luca, Italy, August 2023

I appreciated the variety of experiences in the Kenya program. However, I wish there had been more time to relax and explore the country on our own.
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