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Diving in the Reef

The Start of Your Incredible Journey

Dive in the Deep End:
The Diploma in International Volunteering (Marine Conservation)

Picture this: you're diving into the deep blue, surrounded by vibrant corals and curious marine life, knowing that you're making a real difference. Sounds exciting, right? Well, this could be you! Dive into our International Volunteer Diploma in Marine Conservation and become the superhero our oceans need!

Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to tackle marine conservation challenges head-on. Through immersive learning, you'll explore the depths of marine conservation, dive into marine habitats, and navigate the currents of marine conservation strategy. We believe in learning by doing, so expect lots of hands-on activities that'll make your learning journey fun and engaging!

By the end of this journey, you won't just be another person who cares about the oceans—you'll be a champion of marine life! You'll be able to contribute to marine conservation efforts in your neighborhood and around the world. Join us and become part of a wave of change-makers committed to safeguarding our marine ecosystems.

What's more, our program is flexible and online, allowing you to learn at your pace, wherever you are. With our Diploma, you can earn academic credit and an accredited qualification that's recognized by universities and employers across the globe. So why wait? Make a splash in the world of marine conservation with our International Volunteer Diploma in Marine Conservation today!

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The Diploma

Essential Information

Thinking of volunteering abroad and want to add a sprinkle of academic recognition? Or perhaps you're eyeing a career in this field and need a solid stepping stone? Our International Volunteer Diploma is your golden ticket!

This Diploma isn't just about earning academic credit—it's about blending learning with meaningful action. You'll get to support local communities, journey through personal development, and learn about global citizenship, all while having the adventure of a lifetime! It's the perfect mix of academia, travel, sustainability, project management, and real-world experience.

No matter your age or life stage, our Diploma is a globally recognized asset that will add a sparkle to your resume for the rest of your life.

Earning Your International Volunteering Diploma: The How-To Guide

Our International Volunteering Diploma isn't just a certificate—it's a journey. And the best part? You can embark on this journey from the comfort of your home!


Our course consists of five exciting modules:

  • Preparing for your international volunteering placement (6 hours)

  • Planning your selection as an international volunteer (8 hours)

  • Diving into Marine Conservation (8 hours)

  • Undertaking and completing your volunteering abroad placement (6 hours online content + 20 hours minimum work placement)

  • Reflecting on your placement (8 hours)

To complete the course, you'll need to volunteer abroad for a minimum of 2 weeks and dedicate around 36 hours to additional study time. But don't worry—we've designed the course to be flexible so you can start and finish each module at your own pace.

Ready to Dive In? Here's How to Get Started

Can't wait to start your journey? We're just as excited! Anyone can enroll in our International Volunteering Diploma, and we can get you started on the course in no time. But before you can begin, you'll need to be registered for an approved volunteer abroad program.


Ready to chat? We're here to help you navigate your options and understand what you want to achieve. Just fill in your details below, and a member of the CGCS team will reach out within 48 hours. Your adventure in marine conservation awaits!

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Transferring Your Academic Credit: The How-To

Academic course credits are tallied up differently around the globe. But fear not - the International Volunteering Diploma is a level 3 diploma, accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN). Although the course is based in the UK, all credits are transferable internationally, no matter where you hail from or what university or college you attend.

To give you an idea, the NOCN Level 3 Diploma in International Volunteering is a 41 credit (TQT) of 410, including 173 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). In the UK, it's the equivalent of 16 UCAS points.

In Europe, it translates to 20-21 academic credits.
In the US, it equals 10 academic credits. For the rest of the world, the number of academic credits you'll earn varies from country to country. But rest assured, the academic value of the diploma will be recognized and accepted by your university

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